Cerebral Palsy Is reversible

by Dr. Pritpal Singh
(Faridkot, Punjab , India )

Treatment of Cerebral Palsy Child

Treatment of Cerebral Palsy Child


1. If you have seen the movie of Aamir Khan as a producer and Ishant a 10 years of old child as its hero; you would be able to go through this write-up in a more logical and judicious manner. All the activities shown in the movie and helplessness of the child complemented by the extraordinary qualities is one thing in common in most of the special children. They are the living representatives of almighty and if you can help out those getting to a normal life you are doing the true service to the almighty.
2. Low IQ children can also live a normal life. Generally the society considers the low IQ children as a natural dilemma. Those children have to depend on others for their day to day activities. Because of this dependency these children become a burden on their parents and society

3. As per the neuroscientists about 79% of the children develop this problem immediately after their birth. If the child does not cry immediately after he takes birth; the oxygen supply to his brain gets hindered. Due to non supply of oxygen the brain cells stop functioning. Due to the brain cells inactiveness the child is deprived of a normal life and functions since everything in our body is controlled by the brain. By crying immediately after the birth the child signifies that almost everything is right with him and he is going to live a normal life. If this does not happen the symptoms are amply clear that he has to be diagnosed and put under medical care without wasting any time. These initial a few minutes are so important in the children life that the rest of the life depends upon this initial outburst.

5. In Baba Farid Centre for special children this methodology is being practiced with great enthusiasm and varying degrees of results are being obtained. This centre has became a Macca for those helpless and morose children?s and parents who had left all hopes and were dejected. The members of this faculty are proud of the fact that the medical science have also accepted and recognized their worth and have started accepting this as an ultimate treatment. The team working had been trying and advocating from the day one that the children with these kind of problems can be brought bank to the normal life. The medical science faculty had been rejecting this challenge initially; however after the therapy of steam cells did not yield any results they also started agreeing to this. Notwithstanding; the results achieved during last three years are an eye-opener to majority of parents and doctors.

6. In Baba farid center for special children this treatment is being given for last five years. In neurotherapy the internal organs of the body are activated by giving pressure on the selected external organs. By doing this the clots formed in and around the brain are dissolved. The brain is the most important organ of the body which controls all the activities related to our day to day life. If everything functions properly and we find that there is a problem in the eyes of a child; it also matters to the same; as there is (occipital lobe) in the brain which helps function of the eye sight. Since we see from eyes end the brain helps in translating whatever we see on ground; hence it is important to have good eyesight and proper functional eyes to ensure that we are able co-relate the things. As we are aware that any part of brain which gets affected adversely; affects the functioning of various limbs of the body. For example if a part controlling brain gets affected it will incapacitate the hands; or legs or vice-versa.

7. Another related problem to the brain is known as Cerebral Palsy (CP). This is yet another serious problem; which is related to the brain. This occurs to the birth of a child immediately after the child is borne. There are more than 50,000 children who are affected by this problem. This problem occurs due to carelessness of doctors and parents at the time of the birth of a child. This happens due to the non availability of the scientific means in the hospitals. It has been found that this problem occurs by and large to the children who take birth in Government Hospitals. Though the civil hospitals are also not presenting a very rosy picture; however the percentage of victims in government hospitals is more. As per the assessment made by the team of Doctors; a normal child should start reacting in a normal manner after birth. In that a child should start giving indications for food, crawl, turning to sides etc. In normal life a healthy child starts balancing his neck in three to six months. In six to nine months he starts sitting and in nine to twelve months he starts crawling. In twelve to fifteen months duration he should start talking Papa, Mama etc. These children start doing normal activities on their own in a period 24 to 30 months. If any child does not start doing these activities own his own or gets delayed in doing them; it implies that he is suffering from Cerebral Palsy. The symptoms of this problem are as under: -

(a) Stiffness in the body.

(b) Stammering in voice.

(c) Hearing problem.

(d) Squint in eyes and eyesight problem.

(e) Lack of understanding.

(f) No combination between arms and legs.

(g) Problem in chewing.

(h) Problem in walking.

8. As per doctors the Cerebral Palsy occurs due to defective or dead brain cells. It occurs immediately after birth of a child. This problem can occur due to the following reasons: -

(a) Premature delivery.

(b) Weakness at the time of birth.

(c) Lack of oxygen supply at the time of birth.

(d) Any damage or hit on the head or brain.

(e) Infection in the mothers like as rubella.

(g) HIV/ Tuberculosis infection to mother.

(h) Jaundice or clot in brain cells at the time of birth.

9. In our country due to the rate of illiteracy being high; this type of problems are generally more pronounced. Moreover there are large no of children become victim of this problem because of the carelessness on the part of doctors and parents in the early stage of the childhood. If the child does not cry immediately after his birth he should be attended to by the medical experts immediately. If the child does not cry which is a way to supply oxygen to the brain cells of the child; the brain cells become non functional; or dead. Till such time this type of child is not sent to the hospital immediately it is too late. As per the science and various other experiments are concerned; notwithstanding any other cause; the basic reason for this kind of problem is the lack of oxygen supply to the brain.

10. If majority of cells are damaged then the connection between the brain and rest of the body parts gets impaired and the limbs became ineffective; thereby destroying the brain and body to a very large extent. This leads to a handicap and physically retarded children?s. The child becomes physically handicap and does not perform normal routine tasks. He becomes a burden on himself and the society and lives a depressed and dejected life. This dejection leads to a life long problem and it cannot be fully cured by any method. The basic cause of this is again delay in taking a child to hospital or unawareness on the parts of parents and doctors.

11. The medical science and various neuro related theories and experiments had hopes that the transplantation of stem cells would help to some extent in the treatment of the patients. It was predicted by the scientists after carrying out a few basic experiments that no child will remain mentally retarded or will have a problem of Cerebral Palsy; however so far there is not even a single positive result in this regard. On the other hand the baba farid center for special children at Faridkot has proved that the treatment imparted by the trained experts have written new history in recovery and discovery of the most serious problem being found in large no of children of our country.

12. If this continues and the society understands this, our values and efforts in the society are going to get benefited in a big way. The treatment imported by our centre does not have any side effect, since there is no medicine which is given to the patients during the course of our treatment. We have fond that large no of patients came to us who have earlier been given large no of drugs and medicines. If the basic infrastructure that is brain
does not support the body then the medicines or any other thing is not going to help the child.

14. My appeal to the all the people reading this write-up is to disseminate this information to as many needy people as possible and do a omen job to help out the needy once. The children if brought to this centre at right time; then we can assure of his recovery with bare minimum affordable expenditure and to a maximum extent.

15. At the end I would like to appeal to the parents and relatives of all the affected families to come and join hands with us in the service of nation and off course help out the most valuable and needy asset thereby giving a face lift to this deadly problem.

At present baba farid center for special children running four centers in Punjab , abohar, bathinda,faridkot , patiala .

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by: resiry

wonderfull theory , great job Mr. Pritpal

Cerebral palsy patient
by: debashis Kundu

Dear Dr. singh
My son Subhojit Kundu,aged 8,is a cerebral palsy patient.He had shaking of his body when he was 3 days old.He was given gardinal for 3 months and the shaking did not occur.He was put on sodium valporate and Neutrophil for some more time.the drugs were withdrawn when he was five. Initially,he could not see properly,could not keep his back straight and his lower part was stiff.Now,his eye sight is better but he still can not sit straight or walk without help.As his fingers are defective,he can not eat his food by himself.He is not even in a position to clean himself after toilet.We,as parents are getting old and are therefore worried about his future.Please guide us as to how we can make our son independent at least to do his daily chores.If you wish to see him,then please give us a date when we will bring the boy to your center for your valuable advice. Thanking you,

Debashis Kundu

cerebral treatment
by: ankit jain

Cerebral palsy is very painful diseases. It can occur because of improper development of brain. In my neighbor, there is one eight year old boy who suffers from this disease. Other children do not want to play with him. He feels very hearted and depressing. His parents take good care of him and want to give best treatment to him. I think this website is very helpful for all sufferers who suffer from this disease.

cerebral palsy improvement
by: sunny kumar

My sister is having cerebrel palsy.she is now 15 year old, is even now there is hope of her improvement.

My sister's Keeper
by: Mary

My sister has cerebral palsy and she is turning 13 this comming october
I love her to pieces

how to treat my CP daughter
by: Anonymous


wish u are doing well i live in Afghanistan where there is no treatment for CPs.i have a daughter her name is farwa she is 7yrs old she is cP she is still not independent she is alittle stiff her left side is worlking better then her right she has drolling,her eyes and her ear has no problem she cant speak but she is very clever she can sit but she can't stand and walk while standing she doesn't put her heel into the floor she puts only her toes .her hands are stiffy .she can't eat as well.when she was 5yrs old i brought her to india to Apolo hospital the docter adviced me to bring her to phsyotheropy center when she gets 7years old she will be able to walk and bring her to the center but still i havn;t seen any positive changes . i look forward to your kind advice what to do .

thanks a lot
Qodsia nesari

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