Can "stair-bombing" lead to better accessibility?

A whole new approach to raising awareness

A whole new approach to raising awareness

Here's a cheeky way to make more people aware of accessibility issues - "stairbombing".

What's involved is identifying a building that is not accessible, and then marking off the stairs with caution tape and a big yellow sign reading:

These stairs are out of service.

Inconvenient, eh?

This is only an example of what people with disabilities experience every day."

The creators of the concept are Jeffrey Preston and Clara Madrenas, who also are co-founders of Cripz, a webcomic "based on real issues facing the disabled population in Ontario".

On May 1st, 2011, the duo performed the "first mass stairbomb" in London, Ontario. See photos on Facebook

There's not much doubt that the campaign will raise awareness of the lack of accessibility in public places.

Will it help improve things?

There is some risk of backlash, as it will inconvenience people, and no doubt annoy the places that have been stair-bombed.

On the other hand, being inconvenienced and annoyed is sorta the whole point, isn't it?

Will it be enough to be annoyed and perhaps embarrassed and so take action to resolve the problem?

In Ontario, there actually government regulations around creating accessible venues. But... the timeline for implementation is very, very long. And, there has been very little in the way of educating the public about the need to change.

So, who knows, maybe this will provoke people into doing the right thing.

What do you think?

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