Bullying principal

It's a long story. The gist is my son is a six year old boy who has cerebral palsy, a learning disorder, and ADHD. This means he's a fun, quirky kid, who has an incredible energy and an interesting way to view the world.

From early last year, the current principal started working at the school and began implementing various stringent rules. The school district also began introducing zero-noise tolerance rules, which have been strictly upheld.

At the beginning of this year there was a boundary change, our house was designated to change schools. I filled out an in-district transfer (IDT) for him to remain at his current school, as the new school had stairs, and my son, although capable, has trouble with stairs. I also contacted the newly assigned school to discuss my son's needs and that principal offered to speak with the current school's principal to determine the best placement for him. Both principals agreed to the IDT.

On Monday, 3/18/2019, the current school's principal called me to let me know she'd spoken with the district physical therapist who told her he believed my son would do "fine" at the new school. In that same phone call she told me I had two choices: 1) I could transfer both kids to the new school so they could start there in the fall; 2) As she’d already approved the IDT, they could remain at their current school. However, she warned me that a caveat to the IDT is that behavior and attendance (my son has doctor’s appointments and therapy appointments) could be reasons to revoke the IDT. She had observed behaviors that were worrisome to her and disruptive in the learning of other students. If this behavior continued into the next year, then she would have to revoke the IDT and my son would have to transfer to the new school at some time during the next school year.

Since then my son's teacher has cc'd her on any e-mail regarding his behavior. He has come home with two write-ups; one was because he patted a friend's head when in line, and later continued to hug a friend who had asked him to stop. The second was for flooding a bathroom with another child (they kept pulling the urinal lever and it overflowed). Weekly, I'm receiving reports about his going up to his friend and talking to him.

Then yesterday I received "good news (he got 100% on his quiz" and "bad news (he was goofing around in the bathroom and some kids complained)." At this point, the principal has taken away any alone time for him in the bathroom, and since yesterday's goofing off, she's come up with a plan to have him only use the classroom private bathroom, and the bathroom in the front office.

I am just so frustrated, angry, depressed, defeated over this. I'm tired of my son living under a microscope, for being tagged as a problem child. No he's not perfect. Yes he makes poor decisions, but he's not a bad kid. He's smart, caring, funny. Yes, he's immature, but he's also hardworking, goal oriented, and loves giving me kisses on the cheeks. I've fallen into depression where I do is cry, be angry, tired. I just wish I felt like I had someone who would stop and say, "Hey, this is unfair. He's doing o.k. We see he's a good kid and we're glad to have him around." I love him so much, and I just want what's best.

Thank you for letting me share.

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