Autism & Vaccinations: I didn't think so, but now I'm questioning it...

by Stacey D'Angelo
(Shelton, CT USA)

The next Beethoven

The next Beethoven

My five year old son was diagnosed between PDD-NOS and Aspergers in April of 2008. When he was three, I started to questions his little quarks, and a friend of mine who worked with Special Needs children told me to have him evaluated through the Public School System, so I did. They diagnosed him at the time with developmental delays and put him in a special preschool program. The program did wonders for him, but I wasn't satisfied so I did research, and saw simularities of Aspergers Syndrom. So I had a Developmental Specialist evaluate him, in our home, not in thier office, and she saw what we saw. He has a handful of sterotypical Autistic behaviors, like stimming and obsessing over certain subjects(NASCAR and race cars to the extreme), toys (V-Tech musical piano and as he got older any piano), or objects (ceiling fans and traffic lights), and major food issues due to sensory sensitivities.

Once we recieved the diagnosis in May of this year, I started to research more of parent opinions and fews and started going to Parent Support groups and listeningto thier stories. I began to look back at my son's first two years and record his behavior on paper with the help of pictures and scrap books I made of his first few years.
He was always a happy baby, smiling, laughing, babeling, eager to crawl and climb, etc. Then at about 8 months old, the extremely high fevers, cronic ear infections, bronicalitis and stomach viruses began. HIs eating behaviors changed and his obsession with the toy piano began. The next two years after that were a nightmare. He was always sick, but we blamed it on teething and exposure to many germs at daycare. He started daycare at 3 months old. We were so overwhelmed and tired, we didn't even stop to think it was anything but his immune system being weak and him just liking music.

But now I look back and wonder if it was the vaccinations. Between 6 months old and 24 months, he recieved many vaccinations and flu shots. Because of his bronichial infections and constant breathing treatments, he was always first on the flu shot list at the Pediatricians in the Fall, for the last three years.

Listen, I'm not one to jump to any assumptions, and never gave a thought to blame the vaccinations. But once I sat down and logged when he first started getting really sick and when the high fevers and bronchial issues began, they all started around the time he began his series of vaccinations and flu shots, after his 6 month shots. Becuase I had to look back on his little life and remeber all of the littlle facts due to the two evaluations I had done on him, I had all of his facts on paper sitting in front of me. Only then did I began to questions the vaccinations and flu shots.
So, I'm still up in the air with how I feel about vaccinations being linked to Autism. But now I am in full gear of researching, everything that goeas into my children's bodies., which I warned myself not to do, not to get obbsessed and let this take over my life. But it is my life. Autism is now a factor in my life, and I guess it has been for a few years.
I am still doing research, and pretty apauled that there is aluminum in vaccinations that they give new born babies, and not so sure if thimersol, which is a preservitive in vaccinations that contain mercury, was really taken out of vaccinations.

It's the Goverment and the Pharmecutical Compies against parents. I never thought I would say that, thought they were on our side.
I think they have an extreme amount of power to cover up thier mistakes and silence any scientist they choose. I'm not sure all the facts are being told to us.
So really, the proof is in the eye of the beholder, and if thousands of parents are screaming that they did notice a change in thier babies after vaccinations, then something is up, and being kept from the population.
I think one of these little Autistic children will find out the answers for us in the next ten years. We will see, but we have to keep our eyes and ears open and search together.
-Mom in Shelton, CT

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