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It can be hard to stay on top of autism research news. Sorting out the puzzle of autism spectrum disorders is a huge task, let alone trying to solve the puzzle with cures or preventative actions. 

To make life easier for you, I've set up a process that will automatically update this page with the latest in research news around the world.

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From time to time, we'll be commenting on particular autism research items and adding it to our topic archive and / or add our own commentary.

And, you can even add your own information or comments about autism research too. If you see important autism research that isn't included on this page, just skip below the news summary below, and add the details.

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Autism Research News Highlights & Contributions

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Teacher attacked by student 
I was violently attacked by an autistic 14 year old boy while substitute teaching. I was scoffed at and the principal of the school lied to the sheriff, …

Biostatistics approach to genetics yields new clues to roots of autism 
Researchers have developed a statistical method for genetic screens that improves the classic genome-wide association screen, and, applying to autism, …

Biostatistics approach to genetics yields new clues to roots of autism 
A new approach to gene research has yielded new results - and maybe new clues as to potential indicators of autism. Even better, the research indicates …

Autism Research Idea - Compare patch test positivity to thimerosal in children with and without autism 
This has not been done and it could be a useful study if there is a difference between the groups. ---- Editor's Note... This is a great idea! …

The autism ‘trip’ – a lifetime of altered perception? 
I have found an interesting article that could expose the secrets of autism. There is a lot of evidence coming up that it relates to a psychedelic substance, …

Canadian autism research underway - participants needed 
If you're in the Toronto or Hamilton (Ontario) area you can take part in new research being done out of the at McMaster University (Department of Psychology, …

Wi-fi electromagnetic radiation as a possible autism cause 
An interesting autism article about research in the Journal of the Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (August 2007) names Wi-fi …

Why autism is different for boys and girls 
"It's all in the genes" goes the saying. And when it comes to autism, it may actually be true. Researchers in the University of Washington have identified …

Autistic kids appear to have bigger brains 
The University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle, USA released autism research results in August 2006 in the Neurology medical journal. The medical …

Autism Research finds increased risk of autism from older fathers 
Well... Now it's not only mothers that carry an additional risk of birth defects as they get older. Men have joined this unlucky club as well. In …

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