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Wearing an autism awareness bracelet is a great way to subtly promote acceptance and understanding of people with autism.  They can be worn in most environments, unlike a t-shirt, but it still does the subtle effective communicator.

And helping people understand that there is a wide Autism spectrum can be an especially challenging task, so we've chosen a bracelet design that makes that job easier.

Buy in bulk for fundraising efforts, or individually (below)  - or use the autism charms (below) to add to your own autism jewelry collection.

They can be worn in most environments, unlike a t-shirt, but it still does the subtle effective communicator.

It can become a conversation starter and give you opportunities to educate people around you about autism as well.This style emphasizes the fact that autism is an entire spectrum of behavior. Raising awareness for people at the low end of the spectrum, with less obvious symptoms, are the ones who benefit the most from raising awareness of autism behavior.

Looking for more ways to promote awareness of autism? Bracelet charms are another route to take. Or, choose more elegant jewelry styles so that you can promote autism awareness in more environments.

We've pulled together a selection of Autism Awareness bracelets and other "autism jewelry" that we know of - a variety of styles and suppliers, all available in one place.

Just click on any image to get more information about any bracelet that catches your fancy, and you'll be able to complete your purchase from there.


Jewelry for Autism Awareness

What's really nice about the idea of wearing gold jewelry to raise awareness is that it is an elegant way to gently bring up the topic in many more situations.

I'm especially fond of the multi-colored puzzle pendant.  It's bright colors draw the eyes attention and invite the question "Tell me more about that jewelry..."  And poof! you have an easy opening to bring up the topic and share information as appropriate to the listener.

Oh, and did I mention that the jewelry pieces are also beautiful?

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