Autism and Immunizations

Is there a link between vaccines and autism?

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Finding out the cause of autism is important to all of us. At a rate of 1 in 150 kids being diagnosed, the question of a possible link between autism and immunizations keeps coming up among possible autism causes.

Is there a link between autism, mmr, thimerosal and vaccines?

Some people say yes, absolutely.

Others say absolutely not.

autism and vaccinations

What do you think? Is there a link? Is it MMR, thimerosal, or mercury from some other source? Or, are we way off base?

Should we continue to be asking questions, even if some members of the medical community say there is no autism immunization link, and besides, society needs a comprehensive vaccination program?

Or, is it critical information for an autism vaccine lawsuit?

Tell us your thoughts.

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Daughter Fine before the Pneumococcal Vaccine 
Here is a summary of my situation. I am still pro vaccination because I know the medical significance of receiving vaccines. However, I do believe that …

Fever links to vaccines? 
when i was a baby, i found out that vaccines did not cause me to have asd so i do not have asd from vaccines but vaccines caused me to have fever.

None of My Three Children Are Vaccinated 
Hi there I am an 'old hippy'(cruncy granola eating, tree hugging, Birkenstock sandal wearing, home birthing, breastfeeding momma) and none of my three …

aspergers and mmr 
I feel my son was fine until he had his 1st mmr jab,at the time he had a cold and his immune system was low in my opinion. I asked the doctor if he felt …

Suspicious loss of skills following MMR vaccination 
All too often I get angry about this subject. People meet my 14 year old son with severe autism and sometimes ask "what caused it, has he always had …

IDK... This is toughest. Do we have the next one vaccinated? 
Have a grandson. Definately VERY verbal, till vaccination. Hum, coincidentally? Maybe. But, he didn't speak one word for over 6 months. After over …

NO LINK between autism and immunization! 
Studies and research about autism causes have been done for the last 10 years and it has been proven to be a medical myth. I suggest that people Educate …

Fact: Autism can be caused by genetic condition - Fragile X Syndrome  
The National Fragile X Foundation @ recommends (as well as me): if your child is diagnosed with Autism, have them tested for Fragile …

Autism and vaccinations I think so 
My son was fine until he got the MMR shot he reacted to it by having a seizure. Later he was diagnosed with autism. At 34 he is still autistic and he starting …

Why there is no official link between autism and vaccinations 
Why would they find a link? It will take money out of their pockets. I have seen too many children develop regularly. 2 days after receving the vaccine …

My son - Aspergers and MMR Vaccination 
I do believe he got his Aspergers/ODD from his vaccination of MMR that he received when he was 1 day old. I remember feeling in my gutt how wrong this …

Mercury in vaccinations 
Mercury IS in vaccinations....Mercury causes neurological damage...Autism IS neurological damage....doesn't take rocket science. The medical companies …

Autism & Vaccinations: I didn't think so, but now I'm questioning it... 
My five year old son was diagnosed between PDD-NOS and Aspergers in April of 2008. When he was three, I started to questions his little quarks, and a friend …

Mother of a boy with autism 
I believe that my son developed autism after his vaccines he received at age 12.5 mos (DTaP, IVP, HIB, HepB, PCV7, & MMR). His reaction to these vaccines …

Autism and Vaccination 
I believe there is link between Autism and Vaccination, so many shots given to less then two year old kids causing Autism in many kids. They should spread …

Autism and vaccinations 
As far as I can tell, the medical community is leaning towards saying there is no probable connection, while the parents of autistic kids are leaning towards …

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