adult stroke, communication cards for her to use

by Louise

My friend, 45, mother of two (13 and 17), with a live-in boyfriend, had a stroke affecting her right side and speech. She is walking and going to therapy 4 days a week, but making very slow progress. Her story involves many problems including money, her boyfriend as a responsible partner, and generally frustrations surrounding her inability to communicate even simple ideas. She was a VERY chatty person before and is extremely sad for not having her ability to communicate. Circumstance collide to make it difficult to spend thousands of dollars on handheld electronic communication devices on the market.

I am looking for a set of communication cards that she can carry with her that has images and the written word, that will express many common daily nouns, verbs.... I think taking photos of what is personal to her is a great idea. I may be able to talk with her daughter and get that going. But for now I'm looking for something out of the box for an adult who needs to preserve her dignity. This is not primarily a means to teach, but may turn out helping that need.

Thanks for any response you may have.

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Adult Stroke Communication Cards
by: Tiffany

I am currently looking for similar things for my mother in law who recently suffered a stroke. I found this great Portable Adult Communication Book. I am just now ordering, so I don't know how she will like it just yet. But it has pictures for communicating all sorts of things. Wants/needs. It also has blank pages for adding personalized things. I think this is a great place to add family pictures/names. It is small enough to pack and take with us on the go, but the pictures look large enough for her to see with aging eyes. Good luck and God Bless!!

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Communication after Stroke - Ideas for Louise
by: Kathy

This is wonderful that you are thinking about your friend!

I didn't have a stroke, so paralysis was not a problem for me. But I did/do have trouble communicating. There are some advertisments on this page for word cards, I think that they are for children, but if it works..

Also, you could draw a picture and give that to her.

Also, when I couldn't even find the names of people, it was also very hard. The first thing to remember is that you need to face the person. Talk slowly, not like she is mentally handicapped, but so that she can separate the words in her mind. Avoid slang and running the words together.

The therapists and doctors are the worst for giving support, saying horrible things. One doctor told me that I would NEVER be able to talk or walk.

She needs to realize that she can get better, utilizing what she can do and building from there. Can she type? The internet is a good start to communicate. Reading helps to start remembering the correct words.

Inclusion is a indispensable thing. You might have to wait a few seconds for her to find the right words, but it is worth it. If she says something incorrectly, repeat it to her the right way to make sure that what she is saying is what she means. I still leave words out of sentences and I have a lot of trouble with sentence structure.

If she's alone sometimes, a pet can be a good thing. I have a cat. She was so worried when I was in the hospital that she hid the whole time, not even eating or anything. When I got out, she jumped in my arms into the shower with me and wouldn't get out until I was done. And, yes, she is a typical cat that hates water. They are totally nonjudgemental and they actually listen to what you say. They don't rely on technical mistakes, only the emotion. Very therapeutical. She will have to feed the kitty, but it doesn't cost much. I do forego eating sometimes, so that she can. I'm late with her vaccinations, though.

Yes, money is the problem for me as well. I've written to Bush, Obama, the governor, my representatives and senator. Maybe we will get some intelligence in this system, but don't hold your breath. Now that they have taken everything else from me, they want my house! The feds will not help at all until I'm homeless! How stupid is this?

If you have read my other two comments here, I'm in NEED of some type of HOME job or business, not involving the telphone. I'm ABLE to do just about anything that anyone else can do. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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