101 Accessible Vacations

by written by Candy Harrington

Accessible vacation handbook for US special needs travelers

Accessible vacation handbook for US special needs travelers

Isn't is great when the title of a book clearly tells you what the book is about? 101 Accessible Vacations, Sub-titled: Vacation Ideas for Wheelers and Slow Walkers. There you have it! Clear and concise titles give you a good indication that the book will also provide clear and concise info for special needs travelers.

And, it delivers. The book offers detailed accessibility information for special needs travelers in the United States. And she understands that people have different vacation styles. Chapters are organized to reflect this reality too, so that the person looking for a road trip and the person looking for a cruise can both find information quickly. Each location has about 3 pages of information, so you've got a good start on your research in one place. Anything that makes trip planning easier is a good thing, right?

This special needs travel book was recommended by Ethan Meadow elsewhere on this site.

The book's author, Candy Harrington, has written other books about special need travel, including:

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