Florida state Parks - Disability Discount

by Avis
(Lake City, FL.)

Save money in Florida

Save money in Florida


Senior citizens and disabled citizens receive a discount of one-half of base rate of the camping fee. Recipient must be a Florida resident, over 65 years or 100% disabled.

Recipients must provide proof of age by showing one of the following:

Florida Drivers License;
Birth certificate; or
A Florida Senior Citizen Hunting and Fishing Certificate.
Recipients must provide proof of residency by showing one of the following:

Permanent Florida Driver License;
Florida voter registration;
Florida vehicle registration;
Florida resident fishing or hunting license; or
Other official document that will serve as a declaration of residency.
Recipients must show proof of disability by showing one of the following:

SSA disability award document;
Current document from a federal agency which states the bearer is 100% disabled;
A signed statement on a medical doctor's letterhead which names the bearer and states that they are 100% disabled;
A current Medicare card; or
A Florida Totally and Permanently Disabled Person Hunting and Fishing Certificate.
Department of Veterans Affairs identification card.
Civil Service Retirement System approval letter showing 100% disability; or
Department of Revenue Form 416, Physician's Certification of Total and Permanent Disability.
National Parks Access Pass (formerly known as the Golden Access Pass, not to be confused with the Annual Pass or Senior Pass).

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