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Disability discounts seems to be one of our society's best kept secrets. Yet there are companies offer discounts for a variety of things. If you have a family with disabilities , this can make a real difference!

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Most commonly, if you are travelling with someone in a wheelchair, places will not charge admission for one adult that is accompanying the person in the wheelchair. However, the person in the wheelchair usually pays full price

Many organizations don't advertise their discounts, so you'll have to ask, or hope that someone brings it to your attention. Don't be shy! Ask any organization that provides services to the public whether they offer a discount for people with disabilities or their escorts. As more and more companies realize how many people have special needs, discounts and other special services are being introduced regularly. You may be surprised at how many there are.

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We're collecting information on places that offer a discount, and you can help too! Just add your tip about any disability freebie or discount that you know of by filling in the tip formbelow. My site will then create a web page highlighting each tip, and also provides visitors a way to add their own feedback about each place as well. A summary of tips is just below the form.

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Free Movie Theatre Admissions

Check your local movie theatre for discounts.  Quite often, the theatre will provide a free admission for a caregiver if they are with a person in a wheelchair.  

In Canada, there is even an official program called Access to Entertainment to provide this benefit to people with disabilities.  Click here to read more...

The movie theatres in Canada recognize the benefit of offering a discount and see it as a smart marketing plan that brings in theatre goers.  For a slowly dying industry, that's a good thing, right?

In the US however, it is more of a hit and miss affair.

If you are in the US, I encourage you to ask your local theatre to follow Canada's example...

Know who offers discount for disabilities?

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Tips from other visitors

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Daytona Beach Free Parking and Driving on the Beach 
I went to Daytona Beach FL and was surprised that since my handicapped tag hung in my window, I did not have to pay to drive on the beach. I was also …

United States National Park Pass. 
Our United States National Park system now offers a Free Pass for the use of a Disabled Person and the people who arrive at the park inside the same vehicle …

Way Safe CPR First Aid Certifications 
Sliding scale to $20.oo for persons with disabilities, care givers of disabled, & daycares workers. Our goal to empower and assist all who want to find …

American Zoo and Reptile adminision pass 
Buy one pass at your local member Zoo and you can use the pass at over 100 Zoo's and Reptile houses across the USA . I was told about this nation-wide …

lego land 
if u cant go tht same year u buy the tickets they will give u another year

Housing tax assessors office, Texas - Disability Discount 
They freeze the amount of your taxes from now on so they can never go up and also give around a 255.00 a year discount if you own your home or are buying …


VA. Game & Inland Fisheries 
Free state freshwater Fishing Licence

Delta Airlines Disability Services 
My son has a developmental delay he is 4 and is 2 and a half years behind on learning he also doesnt speak yet. --- Editors Note: Thanks for …

Disability discount for Sea World, Aquatica, Orlando Florida 
Half off admission to a person with disabilities, show proof at ticket gate. This is not published, I found out by calling...will add more info later....will …

Disability Discounts from your State Office (DMV, Assessors office, etc.) 
There are special discounts on license plates, plate renewal, property taxes, park passes, etc. Each state is different and you need to show your proof …

Splashdown Park Disability Discount, Tsawwassen, BC, Canada 
'Special needs rate' = $11.80 (discounted from the regular admission price of $20.95) for full day park admission with free admission for caregiver.

Found by looking for a train ticket for my husband and I. You have to go in person to purchase your ticket(s) with proof of disability but it's worth …

Visiting Disneyland with a disability 
Disneyland has a great reputation for supporting people with disabilities in many ways. They even do a lot of charitable work to sponsor kids with disabilities …

Disability Discounts for Federal Parks 
If you are disabled and can show proof you get a lifetime free admittance card for all Federal parks in the USA. ( Yellowstone, etc.) The best part …

Verizon Disability Discount 
There is a program called Lifeline where you can get huge discounts on your phone bill. I signed up for my grandfather and he is now paying less than …

NORTH CAROLINA FISHING LICENSE for people with disabilities 

Disability discounts for special need travel by train 
Amtrak offers disability discounts for special needs travelers. It isn't especially easy to access though. For starters, it isn't available if you …

Disability discounts available in Canada 
We have a sister site called Special Need Child Canada that provides information on disabilities that is specific to Canada. Although that site is …

Food - Free Not rated yet
If you are disabled and over 50 some states/ cities offer free food at places like senior food, food share, etc. Also, you can get vouchers with EBT/ …

Virginia Zoo, Norfolk, VA Not rated yet
Free admission for individual with ADA recognized disability plus one companion free.

America the beautiful pass Not rated yet
Its a card from the government. Anyone disabled and 3 other companions may get into any national park free. Plus alot of other places free like some zoos. …

Merlin Pass Not rated yet
buy a disabled merlin pass for place like sea world Thorpe park and many more and get a carers pass free

Tara Theatre Atlanta - disability discount Not rated yet
Free admission to caregiver -- but you have to ask for it

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Seaside Aquarium in Seaside, Oregon - disability discount  Not rated yet
I took my children to the Seaside Aquarium in Seaside, Oregon. They did not charge me admission, because I was pushing my son, who has Down syndrome, in …

Mobile County (Alabama) Revenue Commissioner - property tax discount Not rated yet
There is a very much non-publicized discount for residents of Mobile County, Alabama (and I imagine MANY other counties/states offer this very same thing) …

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Not rated yet
Special service dog program - crates! Every "country" has a service dog crate that can be brought to the line. A supervisor will then stand by …

Storyland NH Not rated yet
people in wheelchairs get in free and get a VIP pass to enter all rides without waiting in line by showing to the opperator of the ride when the ride stops …

Free Travel for Support Person in Canada Not rated yet
free travel for support person at Via Rail Canada, Greyhound Canada, Coach Canada, Motor Coach Canada

Amtrak Disability Discount Not rated yet
not sure exactly but is quite a bit.Companion discount also.They were great.Seattle has a red cap service that is pretty special.I enjoyed my trip. …

Western Fair Not rated yet
Has a CAP program, much like our Entertainment passes that allows the non-relative worker to get in for a discount or $5 entrance fee.

Disability benefit at Six Flags in Arlington, Texas Not rated yet
it's not a discount but they do offer for the person with the dissability and their family to go to front of the line on all their rides,you have to ask …

Nationl Parks special needs pass Not rated yet
Free admission for up to 4 people when with a person carrying a special needs pass. just ask the ranger or agent at any National parks location and you …


Cherriots Buses, Salem Oregon Not rated yet
50% Off Bus Fair and monthly passes for the same 50% Discount.

San Diego Zoo and Sea world San Diego - Disability Discount Not rated yet
1 free escort ticket! --- Editor's Note: Thanks for the tip! I did some more digging and discovered that the San Diego Zoo actually has done …

Amazing discount for families at Pebbles resort in jamicia Not rated yet
50% off excluding holidays for families with a physically disabled child. Personal nanny included at this all inclusive resort for families.

Florida state Parks - Disability Discount Not rated yet
OVERNIGHT ACCOMMODATION DISCOUNTS Senior citizens and disabled citizens receive a discount of one-half of base rate of the camping fee. Recipient …

SeaWorld & Universal Studios - disability discount Not rated yet
My family went to SeaWorld in 2009 & they let my son in for free & 1 adult. On Univeral Studios website it says they offer a 15% discount for handicapped. …

Federal USGS Parks Access Pass Not rated yet
America the Beautiful - Access Pass How can this program help me? The Access Pass offers a free lifetime entrance permit to visit national parks, …

United States Park Service Not rated yet
Free pass to national parks

VA State Parks Not rated yet
Free admission to all state parks. Discount on some extra admission fees.

Texas Parks and Wildlife offers free annual pass Not rated yet
It's called a disability pass. Allows disabled member only free park access. It does not cover rental, cabin fees etc. Take social security award …

Texas Water Department offers disability Discount In Leander Not rated yet
15% off your water bill for being disabled. Found this out with recent move to Texas from Illinois. This is the city of Leander in Leander, TX.

Disabilty discount from New York State Department of motor vehicles Not rated yet
For state id. $10 regular price $6.50 for proof SSI/SSD

The Everglades National Park Disability Discount Not rated yet
The Everglades National Park in Southwest Florida offers a FREE LIFETIME ACCESS PASS to this park, as well as EVERY U.S. NATIONAL PARK, for anyone with …

America the Beautiful - National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass - (Free Access Pass) Not rated yet
Free lifetime pass to US national parks! My husband already got it and it was easy. http://www.nps.gov/pub_aff/access/access_pass.htm

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MTA- NYC bus/train disability discounts Not rated yet
Metro Cards- 50% off Editor's Note: Thanks for this great tip! Here's what else I found here: http://mta.info/nyct/fare/rfabout.htm "A fare …

State property valuation disability discount Not rated yet
Most states give a 25% discount on property valuation. You have to go into the office or have a form mailed to you to fill out

Disabled Persons can Enjoy New Jersey State Parks at a discount, too. Not rated yet
Many times, families with members who are disabled will overlook state parks and historic sites. Sometimes, it can be a little hard to get around in a …

Seattle, Washington offers great discounts Not rated yet
Use the Flash card - a discount card issued by the city that lets anyone with a disability get a discount or free services at many local businesses, parks …

Tip: Look for a separate lineup near the ticket booth for special needs Not rated yet
It is most often referred to as "Guest Services". Ask if they have any special arrangements available for people with disabilities. In addition to discounts, …

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