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Special Need Products Store Closings Alert - 18 December 2016

I have a special announcement for you....

After many years, I will be closing the online stores at Special Need Products, but keeping the main site open.

I wanted to let you have the opportunity to stock up - re-order previous products, or order new products - before the online Special Need Products Stores close for good on December 18th, 2016.

You may also want to take advantage of a small inventory of items that are clearance priced, and you can find them here:

US $ International Store and the Canada Store

I even have some new products that I never had time to add to the store! Some will be added to the inventory clearance section as I have time over the remaining days, so check back often for new deals!

Please note that the main site will remain open at, and the main site will continue to provide product reviews and product referrals when I see that there are products that I think will provide you with value.

In fact, writing about Special Need Products, rather than selling them directly is going to be my new focus.

I love writing, researching and analyzing, so I plan on providing you with more quality information that you can use.

With the stores closed, I'll finally have the time to produce the Special Ideas Newsletters too!

In order to get updates, just sign up for the Special Ideas Newsletter, which I will be occasionally sending out (Look for the blue box in the right hand column when you click on that last link)

Don't worry, I only use your email address for newsletter purposes, and will never provide your personal information to anyone else.

What happens next?

All orders received by midnight December 18th, 2016 will be processed as usual. Inventory clearance products will be available until stock runs out, on a first come, first serve basis.All Sales Final.

Note that the phones will be shut down on Dec 19th, 2016. But, you can always reach me via the Contact Form on the main site.

After Dec 19th, the store will be closed to purchases, but still be visible for a while as we go through the internal processes required for store closing and record keeping. Wherever possible, I will try to provide information on how to purchase specific items after store closing, if available.

Thanks to all my clients for your past order(s).

I've enjoyed serving you, and hope to continue to help you through the main site and newsletters.


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Universal camping discounts for disabled USA

My Wife is disabled and I left my job to care for her. So needless to say we're broke. She has a hard time getting around but does enjoy camping in

Continue reading "Universal camping discounts for disabled USA"

Verizon Disability Discount

There is a program called Lifeline where you can get huge discounts on your phone bill. I signed up for my grandfather and he is now paying less than

Continue reading "Verizon Disability Discount"

Virginia Zoo, Norfolk, VA

Free admission for individual with ADA recognized disability plus one companion free.

Continue reading "Virginia Zoo, Norfolk, VA"

America the beautiful pass

Its a card from the government. Anyone disabled and 3 other companions may get into any national park free. Plus alot of other places free like some zoos.

Continue reading "America the beautiful pass"

Food - Free

If you are disabled and over 50 some states/ cities offer free food at places like senior food, food share, etc. Also, you can get vouchers with EBT/

Continue reading "Food - Free"

autism and violence

My son is 19 and has autism, complex needs and an anxiety disorder. He has been in an ATU for nearly 2 years as he was becoming more and more violent.

Continue reading "autism and violence"

Merlin Pass

buy a disabled merlin pass for place like sea world Thorpe park and many more and get a carers pass free

Continue reading "Merlin Pass"

Daughter Fine before the Pneumococcal Vaccine

Here is a summary of my situation. I am still pro vaccination because I know the medical significance of receiving vaccines. However, I do believe that

Continue reading "Daughter Fine before the Pneumococcal Vaccine"


This young parents find out her first baby was born with ernia in the dihafrarma doctor told them they need to go to san francisco for the risa of the

Continue reading "Discount"

Wheelchair Costumes

Creative wheelchair costumes are a joy to behold. Here's a chance to show off your creativity and get rewards!

Continue reading "Wheelchair Costumes"

Fever links to vaccines?

when i was a baby, i found out that vaccines did not cause me to have asd so i do not have asd from vaccines but vaccines caused me to have fever.

Continue reading "Fever links to vaccines?"

Living with a son who has Violent outburst who has Autism and ADHD

At the moment I am going through a marriage break up. My ex was abusive and very controlling. He liked a drink but did take it too far in the end by hiding

Continue reading "Living with a son who has Violent outburst who has Autism and ADHD"

I knew some of my friends and school mates with self injurious behavior

I knew 1 friend with asd and self injurious behavior, a male who just bites himself and punching his genitals at home and school so nobody knew why he

Continue reading "I knew some of my friends and school mates with self injurious behavior"

Daytona Beach Free Parking and Driving on the Beach

I went to Daytona Beach FL and was surprised that since my handicapped tag hung in my window, I did not have to pay to drive on the beach. I was also

Continue reading "Daytona Beach Free Parking and Driving on the Beach"

Companion card

Hello anyone know if New York honours the Australian companion card? The card gives the person I'm with free entry. Heading over to New York in December

Continue reading "Companion card"

Tara Theatre Atlanta - disability discount

Free admission to caregiver -- but you have to ask for it

Continue reading "Tara Theatre Atlanta - disability discount"

Dispense diapers

my brother is disable ,Jerky & 25 years old so it is hard to use diapers for him . Is there any device to be the replacement of the diapers which makes

Continue reading "Dispense diapers"

Scared of my autistic son

I have an 11 year old boy with autism. The last year has been so hard. He threatens to kill us, he hits us,he spits at us . He writes cuss words on the

Continue reading "Scared of my autistic son"

property taxes

Is there a discount on property taxes

Continue reading "property taxes"

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