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United States National Park Pass.

Our United States National Park system now offers a Free Pass for the use of a Disabled Person and the people who arrive at the park inside the same vehicle

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Question about a product catagory.

Because you've included Alzheimer's the fastest growing cause of death in the world. I would also call Alzheimer's the most hurtful disease because it

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Way Safe CPR First Aid Certifications

Sliding scale to $20.oo for persons with disabilities, care givers of disabled, & daycares workers. Our goal to empower and assist all who want to find

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American Zoo and Reptile adminision pass

Buy one pass at your local member Zoo and you can use the pass at over 100 Zoo's and Reptile houses across the USA . I was told about this nation-wide

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People just don't know how to interact with the disabled.

I am a 32 year old stroke survivor who can barely move and can't talk. The dental office I go to apparently thinks this means I am a child again even

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Free Travel for Support Person in Canada

free travel for support person at Via Rail Canada, Greyhound Canada, Coach Canada, Motor Coach Canada

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"It's not enough Mom" Speaking from a mother that knows its true.

I have 28 year old son who at birth was damaged by means of forceps... He suffered cerebral palsy and had to be placed on a heart and respiratory monitor

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Autism might be a form of schizophrenia?

I am not a doctor, just a mother trying to raise an autistic son who is at times violent and agressive. His behavior seems very similar to someone who

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Disabled and unable to afford a move that benefits our family.

Im a caregiver for my wife Lee Ellen and for our 7 month daughter Raynalee. Living in Ohio they will not pay me as a spouse making it difficult to rehab

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spousal caregivers get paid in few states

Spousal caregivers get paid in Colorado and Minnesota I have confirmed. also possibly Oregon and Illinois and NJ. Usually up to 24k year. I Live in Ohio

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I am a first year teacher with a background in exceptional student ed. I have a classroom of high school students with severe/profound ASD/IND. I am

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Help for segmental dystonia?

I have segmental dystonia i need help at home and help with rent ---- Note from Anna: Hi Janet. Thanks for reaching out. Your best bets for getting

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Disability Discounts for Internet Access?

I am curious: do you know of any Internet Providers that offer reduced rates for anyone who can prove on paper that they are disabled (including mental

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Non-woven clothing?

I need help for my son who is 10 years old. Are there any shirts or pants made for boys that are for kids who pick at pictures, seams and the weave of

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Biostatistics approach to genetics yields new clues to roots of autism

A new approach to gene research has yielded new results - and maybe new clues as to potential indicators of autism. Even better, the research indicates

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Biostatistics approach to genetics yields new clues to roots of autism

Researchers have developed a statistical method for genetic screens that improves the classic genome-wide association screen, and, applying to autism,

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Is arthritis considered a disability?

Can I claim dla if iv got mild arthritis I hav jointz pain back pain neck each dayz can be worse thn otherz --- Thanks for raising a good question!

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Amtrak Disability Discount

not sure exactly but is quite a bit.Companion discount also.They were great.Seattle has a red cap service that is pretty special.I enjoyed my trip. Amtrack

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Lauren Has Cerebral Palsy, Her Story In Her Words

Please Help Us Share Lauren's Story My 15-year-old Granddaughter Lauren Walier has Cerebral Palsy. On 10/18/13 she spoke at The American Academy of

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What to get the person who needs everything...

If you want to help a person with special needs but don't know what to get... here's the solution!

It's now possible to give them the opportunity to get the special need products they need.

Gift Certificates are now available from the Special Need Products store - in the amount of your choice.

Hundreds of products are available - disability aids, autism products, special education resources, american sign language resources, special needs clothing and much more.

And, over the next few months, much more will be added too...

Buy a Gift Certificate now from the main US$ store or choose from the smaller selection in the Canadian dollar store.

International Shipping is available.

What if you are hoping someone buys you something from the store?

Easy, just sign up for the Gift Registry! You'll get your own URL that you can provide to everyone who may wish to help you get exactly what you want.

The Gift Registry is available all year round, so use it for birthdays or any other event.

Use the Gift Registry to create an instant donations campaign - totally FREE!

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